6 reasons smiling is better than Christmas morning

Makes you look gorgeous

Do you want to look more attractive, more beautiful or more handsome? Then smile. A Smile is a no brainer in giving you an instant beauty upgrade. Even if you have acne, freckles, scars, or an oily face, a single smile can turn up the inner radiance and beauty in you.

Try imagining your favorite celebrity making a scowl on their face. It can give you maybe a bad impression about them if you don’t see them as celebrities. You may be thinking that he or she is a snob. Now imagine them smiling from ear to ear and looking very jolly. Do you feel good about them? Do you think that their looks improved when they smiled? The same applies to you. Make a frown and people may avoid you but show a smile and people will be attracted to you.

Get an Instant High of Good Feelings

Good Feeling

Image Source: Unsplash

Smiling can make you feel good about yourself and you feel light and happy. Studies confirmed that giving a smile release a chemical named serotonin to the brain which gives the feelings of joyfulness and well being. Even if you’re under the weather or having a bad day, a simple smile can help pull your mood out of the pit.

Your Smile is your Ambassador of Friendship

A Smile easily opens up people to you. They can feel at ease and relaxed in your presence. They can easily like you because of your pleasant personality. Smiling is very important in giving first impressions to people. It easily tells a person that you welcome their presence and that you are really happy to have them.

Your Smile Can Save the World!

Have you had a day where you are in a bad mood and someone gave you a great smile and then you felt good after? Remember the moment you got a smile from a child and it lightened up your day? Ever joined a group where everyone was smiling and you can’t help but smile in return?

Your smile can save the world! It can save a person from a moment of sadness, despair, loneliness, pain even for just a second. Smiles have extraordinary powers. It can calm the storms of anxiety, fear, hurt, and pain.

You have the power through your smile to brighten up someone’s world. So just give your smile generously.

Slow Down the Hands of Time

A smile uses fewer muscles compared to a frown. The less muscles you use the fewer wrinkles you will get on your face. While frowning pulls down your muscles and it makes you look worried, stressed or haggard. Smiling also makes you look younger.

You Become More Charismatic

A smile makes you look more confident, poised and in control. People who seem in this posture are more likely to conduct business with you.

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