10 Celebrities who’ve had Successful Dental Work

10 Celebrities who've had Successful Dental Work

If you have been worrying about going ahead and taking that step towards getting a sparkling, white set of teeth for a dazzling smile, then here is a roundup of 10 Celebrities who’ve had Successful Dental Work to inspire you!

1. Tom Cruise – Known to have one of the best smiles in Hollywood, Tom Cruise who began his acting career when he was just 19 had to have his front teeth reset. Occasional teeth whitening treatments have served to help him maintain his alluring smile.

2. Miley Cyrus – By the time she launched her singing and acting career, this teen superstar has had her fair share of struggle with misaligned teeth. The veneers on her teeth not only made her front teeth look less prominent but endowed her with an even and winning smile.

3. Simon Cowell – Along with being a producer and entrepreneur, this feisty personality who is best known for his scathing comments during his tenure as one of the judges in the reality TV show American Idol had to resort to some nifty dentistry work to fix his uneven rows of teeth.

4. Victoria Beckham – This Spice Girl known for her size-zero figure, and her fashion sense has grappled with crooked teeth during her growing up years. A big gap between the two front teeth was rectified by cosmetic dentistry as well. Teeth whitening treatment added to the mix has given her a truly perfect smile!

5. Catherine Zeta Jones – Known to be one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, Catherine Zeta Jones initially had fang- shaped and sharp teeth as well as a significant gap between her two front teeth. With some effective dental work and teeth whitening treatments, hers remains one of the most dazzling smiles even today.

6. George Clooney – Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney had the problem of too much gum covering his teeth. He had the habit of grinding his teeth as well which wore his teeth out to a significant extent. Successful dental works like porcelain veneers to elongate his short teeth as well as laser treatment to shorten his gums and expose his natural teeth have done wonders for his smile.

7. Oprah Winfrey – This talk show host with a billion followers all over the world does have naturally good teeth. However she opted for invisible braces, usually made of clear plastic and undetectable when worn to align her teeth better.

8. Christiano Ronaldo – One of the most famous footballers of modern times, Christiano Ronaldo has undergone dentistry procedures as well as worn braces to fix the gaps in his teeth for a more even smile.

9. Zac Efron – With a wide gap between his top front teeth, Zac Efron began wearing invisible braces in order to reduce the gaps in his pearly whites. Teeth whitening treatments have also added a sparkle to his dazzling smile!

10. Kate Beckinsale – This Hollywood actress has had dental implants to help her combat dental problems and the issue of crooked teeth. Dental implants are one of the more complicated dentistry procedures but undergoing it has significantly contributed to her charming smile.

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