Top Reasons Your Teeth are Yellow

Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

You cannot give your friends and new acquaintances your biggest smile because you are afraid that they will notice your yellow teeth. Yes, you are ashamed of them that you are planning to undergo teeth whitening in Chandler. But before you do that, it may help to know how your teeth become discolored. Here are the top reasons:

1. Unhealthy oral hygiene

If you are not brushing your teeth regularly, it is not surprising that you have yellow teeth. Stains have enjoyed their stay in the surface of your teeth so much that they have no intention of leaving – unless you will have your teeth whitened.

2. Age

As you get older, the external layer of your tooth enamel get wiped out that result to exposed dentin, which has natural yellow color.

3. Genetic Factor

People often misunderstood that you have yellowish teeth because of stain or because of poor oral hygiene when the truth is that it is all due to your genes. Your teeth are not stained or cared for poorly; their colors are real. You can make their colors white if you undergo dental procedure, such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

4. Foods

Some foods cause your teeth to darken. Red wine, coffee and sauces like balsamic vinegar are among the culprits. The same goes with dishes that are colored artificially. Food dyes can stay on your teeth. Even blueberries, considered as super foods, can lead to teeth discoloration. But can you completely avoid these foods? No, you can avoid staining your teeth morejust by knowing them. After consuming these foods, you should make sure that you rinse your mouth in case you are not at home. But if you are, you can directly go to the washroom and brush your teeth.

5. Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health; it is also bad for your teeth. Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain nicotine that causes teeth to become yellowish. Most of the time, they discolor teeth faster than coffee.

6. Disease

Certain diseases affect tooth enamel and dentin negatively that they result in the discoloration of your teeth. Additionally, some medical procedures may cause your teeth to turn yellow.

7. Trauma

When you were young, you may have suffered from fall that led to the distraction of the formation of the enamel. Because your teeth are still evolving at that time, this incidence affected the color of your teeth as they develop.

Yellow teeth are such a shame; people talk about you because you have them. They think you are not brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Isn’t that disappointing? But can you blame them? Of course not! But you can’t stand them. What’s worse is when they tease you about it, to the point of labeling you“yellow corn”. It’s time to fix your dental problem; spend for teeth whitening. Soon after the procedure, people will stop calling you names. You may even win more friends because of it.

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