The Latest Dental Developments You Need to Know

The Latest Dental Developments You Need to KnowTo best suit patients’ needs, the dentistry field is evolving constantly. As a matter of fact, we at Kyrene Family Dentistry are always on the lookout for emerging and new technology to make the experience of our patients as luxurious as we can. There are a few new technologies you might want to be aware of so you can ask us about it on your next visit.


This state of the art, new device is used by dentists for detecting cavities which regular x-rays are unable to detect. It assures you that your mouth has been checked thoroughly for early cavity signs to avoid having to overspend in the future if a cavity expands or progresses.


This is a painless, easy and fast way of eliminating decaying teeth. Since it contains ozone, HealOzone is a natural, common gas that kills fungus and bacteria effectively. This new development is actually a great tool for detecting and eliminating early tooth decay signs before it escalates to a stage which is more advanced.

Dental Implants

For your missing teeth’s root portion, dental implants are the replacement screws. Implants are used for restoring smiles which are healthy when it comes to the missing teeth of patients. There is effectiveness in implants since these are able to replace teeth which are missing while giving the patient the look and feel of real, natural teeth.

Laser Dentistry

To eliminate discomfort and improve efficiency in many different procedures of dentistry, lasers are used. This includes reducing the sensitivity of teeth, getting cavities filled, whitening and elimination of tumors. Laser dentistry is painless and fast and is able to eliminate any type of bacteria to avoid any problems or complications during the course of the entire procedure, which gives you maximum comfort with maximum results.


Practically invisible, Invisalign are clear braces that can straighten your teeth gently. They provide a comfortable, effective method of getting your smile straightened without the disadvantage of wearing metal braces, which are heavy. Braces that are by Invisalign are easy to remove for cleaning ease and don’t require any food restrictions, which means your eating habits don’t have to change one bit. With less hassle, they get the job done in less time as well.

Digital X-Rays

Compared to x-rays of the traditional kind, digital x-rays happen to contain less radiation and are faster. When patients have x-rays which are digital performed, in a matter of seconds there is an appearance of the image on the computer screen. The next thing your dentist will be able to do would be to zoom in to what appears to better educate and assess patients with regard to their health, orally. X-rays which are digital also do not cause as much harm to a patient as these contain up to ninety percent less radiation compared to x-rays that are traditional.


A special kind of light, VELscope is used by dentists to shine into the mouth of the patient in order to detect an abnormality. This technology is new and is used effectively in the detection of early forms of disease or cancer during a screening for oral cancer.