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  January 7, 2013

Coffee Drinker? Tips to Preserve Your Smile

How many cups of coffee do you have per day? two? three? Did you know that coffee is one of the major causes of stained teeth? If you’ve looked at the mirror recently, we’re sure you’ve realized that fact. Coffee contains tannic acid – it’s the stuff that makes the dark color of the drink. […]

  December 14, 2012

So is your child scared of going to the dentist?

It’s not uncommon to see parents coming up with creative and innovative ways to bring their kids to the dentist. There’s usually a lot of persuading, cajoling, and bribing happening. You’re probably wondering if it’s just a natural reaction to dentists, was it influenced by television or any sort of medium they are exposed to […]

  December 7, 2012

A New Way to Prevent Periodontal Disease

As reported in, Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have been able to prevent periodontitis from developing and stop the progression of the disease in a mouse model. Periodontitis to the uninformed is a form of chronic gum disease that affects almost half of the adults in the US. This is brought about by […]

  November 30, 2012

What You Should Know About Veneers

A Veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth to improve or protect its surface. Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain bonded on a patient’s teeth to provide a natural, white and attractive look. Veneers History Dental veneers were invented by Charles Pincus, a Californian dentist, who accidentally created veneers as […]

  November 23, 2012

Teeth Grinding and What You Can Do About It

Do you ever find yourself grinding your teeth occasionally at times of stress or just out of the blue? Although it’s not harmful, if it occurs on a regular basis, it may damage your teeth and along with it, several dental health problems may arise. Why does this happen? Teeth grinding or bruxism, can be […]

  November 16, 2012

No Pain, No Gain

A set of sparkling pearly whites is a dream come true for most of us. We brush with whitening toothpaste, gargle with mouthwash, floss regularly and even nibble on whitening mints just to inexpensively achieve that “to die for” smile. But not all of us are realistically cut out for that blinding grin, not probably […]

  November 9, 2012

Top 5 Benefits of Dental Intravenous Sedation

Kyrene Family Dentistry has recently added Dental IV Sedation in their list of services. Dental Intravenous Sedation (also known as IV Sedation and Intravenous Conscious Sedation) is one of the rising dental treatments for patients who don’t want to feel extreme pain and be unaware (but still conscious) of what is happening during operation, during […]

  October 19, 2012

Invisalign – The Modern Way of Aligning Your Teeth

Invisalign has been one of the major cosmetic dentistry procedures introduced in 1999. BRACE yourselves and learn more of its wonderful benefits. Invisalign is a method introduced by the world of cosmetic dentistry. It is an orthodontic treatment which needs a series of clear and removable teeth aligners as an alternative to metal braces. Wikipedia […]

  October 12, 2012

How to Take Care of your Child’s Dental Needs

It is very challenging for parents to attend to their children’s dental needs and concerns. Parents must have convincing powers, sugarcoating abilities and superb sales talk skills to convince them to visit the dentist for dental services. We were lucky to be given an opportunity by one of the best pediatric dentists in Chandler for […]

  August 17, 2012

Psychological Impact of Bad Teeth

ften we associate bad teeth with diseases of the body. What we frequently neglect to consider is the psychological impact of aesthetically unappealing teeth.