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  December 10, 2020

5 Dental Care Tips for Seniors

Proper dental hygiene is important to maintain as we get older. Seniors of ages 65 and above may experience several difficulties that come with an aging mouth when hygiene is neglected. This includes, but not limited to, dry mouth, root decay, a diminishing sense of taste, and loss of teeth. About 27% of seniors have […]

  December 5, 2020

Mouth-Body Connection – Risk Factors of Oral Diseases

If you are concerned about your health, knowledge is the key to understanding what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. Applying that knowledge in practice that will keep you in the best shape. Many factors affect your health. Of course, the one most think of first is diet, eating healthy food, and then exercise and avoiding […]

  November 1, 2020

9 Sneaky Ways to Teach Kids About Dental Care

There are many ways to help your children develop good dental habits and maintain a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. The one problem is that kids are experts when it comes to resisting all hygiene practices. If you are a first-time parent struggling to teach good dental care habits for kids, the following tips and […]

  October 9, 2020

How to Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene During the Pandemic

The pandemic has certainly changed the daily routines for most people. Staying at home, most of the time may lead to a change of habits, which may directly affect your oral hygiene. There may be a shift in diet, exercise, and coping mechanisms to get through the stress of isolation. Take note of the effects […]

  September 15, 2020

9 Reasons to See a Dentist in Chandler AZ Regularly

Regular dental checkups are just as necessary as regular physical checkups at a hospital. It is a matter of prevention, and by going to the dentist every six months, there is a higher likelihood of preventing dental problems. Having the best dentist in Chandler, AZ is key to maintaining optimum oral health. And, although spending […]

  August 14, 2020

How Important is Calcium to Teeth?

Calcium is an essential nutrient important for cell viability and specific functions in the body. Most of the body calcium is found in bone tissue in the form of hydroxyapatite, an inorganic crystal made up of calcium and phosphorus. While it may seem since bones have a lot of calcium, and teeth, which are also […]

  July 10, 2020

5 Gross Consequences of Having a Dirty Tongue

Neglecting the daily brushing your tongue needs allows bacteria to spread throughout your mouth and cause serious oralhealth issues. Here are the problems that can arise if you don’t brush your tongue, which ranges from nasty and embarrassing to potentially life-threatening. Halitosis Bad breath is the leading problem associated with not brushing the tongue. Otherwise […]

  June 29, 2020

Difference Between Corporate and Private Dental Practices

Choosing among different types of dental practices can be a little confusing, especially if it is your first time to set-up a dental appointment on your own, as an adult. Most patients and individuals have two choices with regard to what type of dental practices can they consult with. The first kind of practice is […]

  June 1, 2020

What Contributes To Plaque And Tartar Build-up?

Taking care of our oral health greatly affects our well-being as a whole. Ever since we got our first set of teeth, we have been taking care of them and have been taught about the factors that can contribute to teeth-loss. You probably picked up somewhere that brushing your teeth at least twice a day […]

  May 5, 2020

What You Need To Know About Invisalign

A person’s smile is one of the first things anyone could easily notice. It is okay to feel a little self-conscious about your smile, and especially your overall oral health. That’s why here at Kyrene Family Dentistry, the patient’s self-assessment and confidence are always given a priority. After all, there are several reasons to get […]