How to care for your mouth after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

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Ever wonder how to care for your mouth after wisdom tooth extraction? After wisdom tooth extraction, you will need to care for your mouth in order for healing to take place. Make sure you are aware of every stage of tooth extraction particularly when the teeth being pulled out happen to be your third molars. It usually takes two weeks for the healing process to take place. Of course, after a full month, full recovery is expected. In some cases which are more extreme, you will need to pay particular attention to the site of extraction for six months. If you want less time to heal so that infection is prevented, there are a few things you can do. Keep in mind that the extraction of wisdom teeth is something that you must not take lightly. If there is some bleeding after an entire day or if there is notable pain even after one whole week, it is a good idea to immediately see your doctor.

Do you notice your face swelling up a bit? If you do, apply a clean facecloth with some ice on the outside of your cheek. Keep this on the area for less than ten minutes. For twenty minutes, rest your face and then repeat the first step.

Some bleeding is expected after the removal of your teeth. You can treat the area by positioning a clean piece of gauze in the location of extraction. All you need to do at this point is to bite down gently on the gauze.

After the doctor has pulled your wisdom tooth out, do not rinse your mouth for a full day. If there is no longer any bleeding and you have waited a full day or twenty four hours, you can begin to rinse your mouth using warm water with dissolved alt in order for your mouth to become disinfected.

Drink mineral water, juice, milk or tea. Make sure not to drink beverages that are too hot as the location may become irritated where there was a removal of wisdom teeth.

Part of wisdom tooth extraction after care is changing the food you eat to accommodate your healing mouth. It is best to eat food that is in the state of being liquid or at least some light food. Some of the better foods to eat include ice cream, milkshakes and mashed potato. Instant oatmeal or instant pudding are some good choices as well. The cold food helps keep swelling down as well.

Remember that the removal of your wisdom teeth is usually effective in the prevention of back teeth becoming crowded, painful, swollen or red gums that have grown around the tooth, an impacted wisdom tooth that is trying to break through or even tooth decay or gum disease that has occurred to the tooth. Compared to other teeth, this is harder to clean out and your dentist may advise wisdom tooth extraction as well. Make sure to know the processes involved and all the aftercare guidelines before you actually go ahead and have your wisdom tooth extracted.