Give a Kid a Smile Day

Give a Kid a Smile DayKids give us joy. It’s the kind of joy that is never tainted, never lasts. Their joy exudes in their faces—lips curled up, laughter that’s crackling and contagious, and even giggles that encourage others to pause and enjoy the moment.

These are precious times we would rather not miss. Actually, it is something that nobody would miss to notice. Even when the chuckle is not loud enough or is quite distant, no one would be mistaken when the smile or laughter that is seen or heard is from a child. However, when those pearly whites are endangered, the smile turns to a pout, and laughter becomes a terrifying shriek. When those moments come, you might find it too difficult to restrain a child. Not even some sweets would be a great bargain for them. Especially when there are decaying teeth that need to be extracted. It’s a great ordeal you would just wish the day would end right away, so to speak.

Children are such a pleasure to be with. But during times when their teeth are hurting, you might think your child’s a brute instead of an angel.

This is a common concern for parents, especially those whose kids have not seen the dentist yet or for a while. Their threshold of pain is quite beyond normal, thus anything that would associate to the dentist would give them fear. As social concern is not grave at this point, as children normally would not mind with whom they are interacting with at the moment—they do not discriminate, at least most of them. But with a swollen gum or a decaying tooth that brings the pain with just about anything that touches their crown, would be a terrible sight to see.

Fortunately for those who are within the area will have something to be grateful for as the “Give a Kid a Smile Day” will be coming to them this Friday, February 5, 12am to Saturday, February 6, 12am. This is an event you wouldn’t want to miss. Block off that day on your calendar and make sure your kid gets the necessary motivation to meet the day with a smile once again.

Give a kid a smile. That is a promise to make that pout turned back to a smile.