Choosing between a Manual and an Electric Toothbrush (Part 1)

Switching from a manual to a more advanced electric toothbrush does not come automatically to many individuals as some may think. This is because the the American Dental Association recommends people to brush the teeth at least twice a day, but not necessarily by using an electric toothbrush. And so they stick to their good ‘ol toothbrush and brush away those bits and pieces of food stuck between their teeth and gums.

Having said that, the electric toothbrush is still widely promoted by both toothbrush manufacturers and Chandler dentists alike. Below is a comparison of the two brushes, so patients like you can understand why you can benefit from having an advanced, electronically-powered teeth cleaning gadget.

The Importance of Manual Toothbrushes

 It seems like the general public remains comfortable with using the manual toothbrush with varying types of bristles, from soft to hard, depending on the need and preference. When used properly, there really is no need to use another type of toothbrush. The general idea is to brush two times every day; each brushing session should last for two minutes and the individual should follow proper brushing techniques.

Perhaps the primary reason individuals choose a simple plastic toothbrush is the price. Cheap sells more than expensive and it is evident that this is the case when it comes to toothbrushes.

There is no need to replace batteries from time to time or have your electric toothbrush repaired every so often. Most importantly, you don’t have access to spare batteries or electricity to make it work. It will always be ready for use, whenever, wherever.

Manual is Still Good, but Going Electric Can Be Better

So why then is an electric toothbrush worth the investment? Well, this is because electric toothbrushes are battery-powered for a reason. They do not just brush one’s teeth, there is a mechanism being followed that provides better cleaning than normal, spontaneous brushing.

One of the many advantages that electric toothbrushes offer is that they improve the quality of brushing. Majority of people are not familiar with proper brushing techniques, and their normal way of brushing it lessens the effectiveness of the toothpaste in terms of killing and removing bacteria that is thriving inside the mouth.

With an electric toothbrush, the guesswork is eliminated. Many of the more recent models are designed to be very technique-sensitive, where the actual work for the patient is calculated, making the brushing easier and more accurate. Find out more about the benefits of using an electric toothbrush in the second part of this blog. Learn about facts concerning the electric toothbrush and why an increasing number of people are making the big switch too.

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