A Cool Parent’s Guide to Making Tooth Brushing Fun

Dear parents and guardians—if you’re having a tough time trying to teach your children proper dental hygiene, then this quick read is for you. Make teeth brushing fun for you and your children with these strategies from your local family dentist in Chandler, AZ.

Find entertaining dental health education resources

Developing good oral hygiene habits begins with an educational yet entertaining approach. Try watching age-appropriate videos and reading children’s books about dental and oral health with your little ones, as you explore how to make teeth brushing and flossing fun for them. Your children will not only enjoy learning about oral health, but they will also have a fun time spending quality time with you.

Make brushing and flossing a family bonding experience

Setting an example for your children is one of the most effective ways to make brushing teeth enjoyable. Model good oral hygiene practices by brushing and flossing at least twice a day with your kids, including once before bedtime. Turning teeth brushing and flossing into a family affair will help establish consistency, which can help your rays of sunshine learn healthy habits faster and easier. Besides, spending additional family time together and paying extra attention to your children is never a bad thing.

Give your child a special toothbrush

Let your child use a toothbrush of his or her choosing. Whether it’s in the shape of a dinosaur or bedazzled with glitter and Hello Kitty logos, you may find that, by combining the tooth brushing process with something that captures their attention, you have found an effective way to make dental hygiene fun.

Reward your child’s consistent tooth brushing

To make brushing and flossing something your children really look forward to, reward their good behavior. Start with a simple reward, such as gold stars, and only award them when they brush and floss their teeth as instructed (i.e. twice a day for two minutes long for brushing, and once a day for flossing). Once your children have the mechanics and schedule of teeth brushing in place, reward their consistency by making a weekly brushing calendar. For each week of perfect daily brushing, give them a bigger and better prize (they deserve it!).

Tell them that the tooth fairy may reward their efforts

Not everyone is aware of the fact that the tooth fairy pays more for clean and cavity-free teeth. Make sure your children know about this exciting information, as it may help motivate them to engage in daily brushing and flossing.


It’s important to prioritize your children’s oral health. However, even us dentists understand how difficult it is to teach young children proper dental hygiene, especially for first-time parents. The good news is, there are many ways to make brushing and flossing teeth fun and exciting. Try our recommended strategies above to make the task easier for you.

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