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Latest Advances in Dentistry

Dentistry has come a long way since just asking someone to say, “Ahhh.” We’ve had root canal replacing minor tooth extraction. Our teeth fillings have shifted from the glaring silver and gold to the pearl color that blends easily inside our mouth. And we have toothpaste made of glass that dissolves when you brush it on your teeth.

Say what?

Well, truth is, it won’t be available in 18 months to two years, but this is how dentistry is advancing as an industry. And in an article on the Daily Mail by Jo Waters, there are more embryonic innovations happening in the world of dentists.

The Glass Toothpaste
In the last stages of development, this glass toothpaste is patented by the Dental Institute at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Its essentials are that it’s made of glass particles that are made of calcium and fluoride that dissolves inside the mouth. It has more power than regular toothpaste by decreasing possibility of tooth decay and teeth sensitivity and its function stays in the mouth longer.

Spray Anesthetics
Scared of needles? The newest in the field of dentistry is an anesthetic that you just spray onto the damaged teeth. There was a time anesthetics were inhalable that’ll knock you out cold on the chair. But this advancement only numbs your top teeth from half an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the strength of what was sprayed.

This spray reaches the teeth, the jaw and other structures around the mouth. As of now it only works on the top teeth. But this is pioneering, let’s not be greedy.

Removable Braces
Braces are considered geeky. Like glasses, as soon as braces are taken off, there is a Cinderella-like transformation. But in the newest technology the post-modern braces are vibrating gumshields which you bite on for about ten minutes a day. It was discovered that vibrations have more capacity to adjust teeth in their position.

It’s now available in the market and can straighten your teeth in six months, although only people who are already fitted with braces can use it.

Mouth Guard as Power Energy
Already being used by the athletes in the U.S. Olympics, it was discovered that regularizing your bite has an effect on muscle strength. It turns out using mouth guard can heighten your energy as there’s something about bite that decreases stress on the nervous system and allows the neuromuscular to flow naturally.

If those advancements are not intriguing, we don’t know what is :)

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